Hello world!

Hi folks

Welcome to my blog about gay life, and in particular, gay life in northern Thailand. My name for the purposes of this anonymous blog is Peter Grabbit, I am from the UK. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I simply love living in Chiang Mai. Bangkok, Phuket and so many areas of Thailand are absolutely stunning, but Chiang Mai takes the crown from my humber perspective.

In this blog I would like to post my experiences and travels as and when. For those of you visiting Chiang Mai in the near future, I implore you to make sure to include 6ixCrets lady boy show in your itinerary. It is free, a stunning slick cabaret and even family friendly.

Strange you may think that I start my blog with a recommendation for a lady boy show, but really, unless your running from temple-temple and meditating about your lost love, you seriously need to check out this bar. It is free entry. They like you to buy a couple of drinks which are about 190 Baht to 350 for beers to fancy cocktails. So an extremely reasonable deal for the best show in town. Show starts every night about 9.30pm until about midnight. There is a different show almost every night to keep the most seasoned lady boy fan entertained for a week or more until the repertoire repeats.

This is a picture of my friend’s sweet cheeks. I have uploaded it here as I have yet to organise photos of the 6ixCrets lovely show and I just want to get this blog off with a good bang.